• Experience with the following languages and techniques: C++, C#, Python, Perl, C, PHP, XML, MySQL, SQL, SQLite, Oracle, XML, CSS, MongoDB, HTML 5.0, XUnit, NSubstitute, Ninject, Web API, Linq, Javascript, Ruby, AJAX, data mining, Java, Pascal, Scheme, PDF Mining, web sockets, NginX, web crawling, web scraping, Rails, Unity.
  • Experience with the following libraries and frameworks: Twitter Bootstrap 3.0, Flask, AngularJS, Angular, Joomla, Magento, WordPress, and WebGL, PHPexcel, PDFlib.
  • Understanding of firmware, timing diagrams, circuitry, address decoding, operating systems, data structures, and assembly.
  • Fluent in English and Spanish.


  • Applications Developer IV from January of 2016.
  • Primary languages and libraries: C#, Typescript, Javascript, Sql, Angular 2, XUnit, Ninject, NSubstitute.
  • Created middleware API that automates compliance with anti-money laundering regulations established by U.S. FinCEN.


  • Guardian ad Litem (this is a volunteer position) from October of 2017.
  • Appointed by the Eighth Judicial District Court to wards of the State; namely, abused and neglected children in the foster care system.
  • Primary responsibilities include fact-finding and reporting directly to the presiding judge, completing and submitting timely reports, and establishing a relationship with the children.
  • Secondary responsibilities include interfacing with the Department of Family Services, Child's Attorney Project, foster parents, group homes, Child Haven, District Attorneys, and Educational Surrogacy Operatives.


  • Software Developer from January of 2015.
  • Primary languages and libraries: PHP, Javascript, PDFlib, MySql.
  • Secondary languages and libraries: Perl, PHPExcel, Oracle.
  • Improved an existing retail billing system that processed over $90K per month and took 3-7 days of run time. After my changes the system ran in 3 hours and was generated bills procedurally by using PDFlib.
  • Improved an existing wholesale billing system that processes in real time and generates millions in revenue per month. The system especially enhanced my knowledge of multi-part systems that span multiple servers.


  • Web Developer (server-side only) from August of 2014 to January of 2015.
  • Primary languages and libraries: Ruby on Rails, WordPress, Javascript, PHP, MySql.
  • Secondary languages and libraries: Joomla, Magento.
  • Created an engine to solve a problem with run-time freezing up on the shower animations at


  • Firmware Intern from July of 2014 to August of 2014.
  • Primary languages and libraries: Python, Javascript, Python-Flask, Twitter Bootstrap 3.0, AngularJS, SqlLite.
  • Created an automated testing solution that ran tests on an entire API using nothing but the WDSL specifications. Tests ran in under 10 minutes on every function and parameter that could be sent through to the API.
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